Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mario Galaxy FanFic

Mario sat at the foot of his bed. He took off his shoes and rubbed his feet, sore and tired from a day of jumping for coins. He gently collapsed back, staring at the ceiling. The door opened, Peach was home.
"Why don't you stargaze anymore?" Peach asked. A question she had been holding for days.
Mario closed his eyes as if saying this with them open would be too embarrassing.
"I've been to space... and I've seen planets that look like my face.. I don't know what anything means anymore."
Peach says nothing but sits on the bed, placing her hand on Mario's leg. She wants to say "I understand" but she can't lie to him anymore.
"Do you want to talk about it?" she asks instead.
"Well Rosalina says that..."
"Oh, so you can talk to Rosalina about this," Peach states.
Mario's eyes, still shut, are held even tighter when he feels her weight shift off of the bed.
"I'm just so confused, Peach. The planets look just like me."