Monday, July 20, 2009


The reason a For Tax Reasons fan site exists:

This weekend was Otakon 2009, Baltimore's own super anime convention. So naturally, Ben, Matt, Darrell, Mao, and myself made it our business to be there. For Tax Reasons had a panel called: Let's Talk Animation and it was awesome. I'm not sure if they're going to upload parts of it but I did video-tape it so it does exist. Also, to make it more cinema verté I made sure that I knocked the camera a few times, fought to find focus, and futzed with the audio levels a bit. I took some pictures to document the trip. Again, some of the pictures are blurry. This is meant to create the illusion of "being there." So come on Internet, grab your Naruto head bands, hop aboard the proverbial Chinatown Bus and let's go to Otakon!

"Oops, this isn't right." Initially we got on the Boston bus by accident and ended up at the boat show. Pictured are the two halves of For Tax Reasons LLC: Forta and Xreasons (l to r).

For Tax Reasons wants to learn SURF but Boston's gym leader is lost in the mines. If only there was some other way to get to Baltimore in time!!!!!This will do, but it's going to co$t. Away to Baltimore!!!

"Ah, that's more like it.."

Sweet! It's Misty!!!

OH NO! James from Team Rocket is here! Jesse can't be far behind. Unless she didn't preregister, then she'll probably be here in three and a half hours.

Squirtle! Charmander! Cubone! Ninetails!

Looks like we're not the only trainers here from out of town.. Xavier must want his hands on some dangerous pokémons. Well, Xavier and that Scott Pilgrim dude with the stick.

Ahhhh! It's Gastly!!!! What type pokémon is good againsts ghosts again?!

When Hiker challenges German Hiker to a Pokémon, you mustn't run away.

This guy definitely knows what I'm talking about.

I scored an exclusive lunch with Xreasons. He showed me some of the pokémon he snapped.

Quick! It's Mewtwo!

Who the heck gave their Arcanine a guitar?!

Where's Charizard? Hint: he's dressed like Spider-man with a black chest.

Foreground: Ash realizes what happens when you go to a fight without any pokéballs.
Background: Black Spy Trainer gives Rorshach Trainer a bomb painted to look like a giant bean.
Click for bigger!

Finally, someone not dressed as a pokémon. Here lies Tjaden from All Quiet on the Western Front. I did not know that was originally a manga.

Xreasons visits fans Mao and Darrell.

Watchout Swimmer! Bulbasaur is right behind you and he's armed!!!!

This year, signs were banned at Otakon, but not Meowith tossing.

Xreasons! Put your shirt back on!

Forta and Xreasons taking a some final pictures.

Cheer up Misty! All your pokémon may have fainted from too much anime, but it's not over yet!

It's over. Goodbye Otakon.

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