Monday, June 22, 2009

The Aristocrats FanFic

An Autobot drives into a garage. He transforms and says to the mechanic "I got a great new show for you.."
The mechanic says, "I really don't have time for hearing you out, but go for it."
The Autobot sits back and says, "First a wheel barrel comes out and transforms into a robot. Then, a tractor comes out and transforms into a robot. Then the two robots start to shake hands. As they're shaking their robot mitts, a Vespa comes out and transforms into a robot, now they're all shaking hands and out comes a convertable and it transforms into a robot as well. They look like a Constructicon, that's how much they're shaking hands. The Vespa starts to leak gasoline into the Convertable. The wheel barrell starts to look like its gonna lose it and at this point it starts spastically transforming back and forth from its vehicle mode to its alt mode. It's like a William Carlos Williams poem about a wheel barrel, that's how crazy it is..."
"I gotta cut you off," says the mechanic, "this is the most perverted thing I've ever heard of, what do you even call a thing like this?"
The autobot transforms back into a car and says, "Transformers 3: The Aristocrats."

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