Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quantum Leap FanFic

"Thank goodness I'm not a scientist again, I couldn't deal with being so close to the answers and still not be able to change this!" thought Sam Beckett as his helmet was removed and he stepped out of the cockpit.
"You passed," said a voice that would be impossibly charismatic with anyone.
Sam Beckett turned toward this welcoming news to see a tough as dirt pilot in a space-age green jumpsuit.
"Thanks," said Sam Beckett as he tried to read the woman's dog tags for a name, a clue.
"Eyes up top, it's that short attention span that almost got you shot down in that simulation."
Sam Beckett, now with no leads to who he was talking to, quickly ran behind some strange pencil-shaped jet fighter and covered his mouth.
"AL!" he shouted, muffled though his space-age gloves. "Al!!!"
Suddenly, like a doctor out of some sort of science-fiction, Al appeared, a hologram to whom Sam Beckett sought answer after answer.
"Yes Sam?" he answered.
Sam Beckett wanted to ask who that mean-yet-confident woman with the jumpsuit was but instead went first with, "Who am I?"
As Sam looked at his reflection in the future-vehicle before him, Al simply muttered. "Why, Sam, you're Zack Adama."
Sam ordered Al to find out what he was doing here and what wrong he was supposed to set right. Al started typing into his gadget known as "Ziggy" as Sam tried again to find the name of this short haired blonde stranger before him.
"So what would you say I passed in?" he asked coyly.
"Your flight test," she said without humor.
"Or your name isn't..." he pushed.
"Or my name isn't Kara Thrace," she finished.
"You still got it Sam Beckett," thought Sam Beckett.
"You still got it Sam Beckett," added Al a little later since he was busy finding out what was going to happen in the future. Ziggy still ran on Alta-Vista and was a little touch-and-go. Al mentioned that the Babel-Fish translator says that in this time period the common nomenclature for emotion is "frak."
"I'm frakkin' excited to hear that, Kara Thrace," Sam Beckett throws in with the same confidence he first discerned in Kara Thrace's natural tone of voice.
Kara suggests that they go play hexagonal poker. Sam thinks this must be some euphemism, and is glad. Flashes of his previous possessions of Buffalo Bill Cody, Samuel Clemens, and Data the android flooded his mind. Even with the help of Al and Ziggy, actual poker was a mess for him, usually ending in being shot and having to do a quantum re-do.
"WAIT," shouts Al as Sam Beckett was just about to leave through a submarine door with Kara Thrace. "Zack Adama has to die!"
Sam says "Hold on!" Awesomely, this works both for Kara to know to stop walking and to Al to imply, "tell me more."
As Sam pretends to tie his space-shoe and have Kara wait, Al lets him know that if Zack Adama doesn't die there is going to be a war with the Cylons and then all humanity is going to go camping indefinitely. Sam wants more information but Al protests citing that not all his programmers had seen the entire future and for their sake, the programmers who had seen it went through tedious lengths not to include any spoilers.
"Frak," says Sam Beckett.
"Good usage," compliments Al.
"Frak what," asks Kara Thrace.
"Frak, I love Pink Trout," Sam Beckett covers.
All three of them agree that this has become uncomfortable.
Sam asks if he could just meet her at her bunk or wherever they play hexagonal poker and then asks for directions, playing off that he got so drunk (on ambrosia, thanks Ziggy) last time that he forgot.
Now that they have some alone time, Sam Beckett, Al and Ziggy try to find out what's going on and if there are ways other than killing Zack Adama that humanity can be saved. They're really stumped and Sam forfeits that at least this'll put an end to his quantum leaping. First, however, there is some time for hexagonal poker.
Sam Beckett runs through the hallways and passes by Helo, Anders, Gracie Bell, Tim Riggins, Bill "Husker" Adama, and crashes into Petty Officer Dualla who is carrying a box of stuff for the the new Battlestar Galactica Museum to which everyone is donating their stuff. A side-arm falls out of the box. Sam Beckett asks Dualla if he can borrow it. She can't think of a reason off-hand that he shouldn't but is still hesitant. Sam Beckett trades her a set of toy jacks that inexplicably happen to be in Zack Adama's pocket. Al compliments his progress. Ziggy agrees that a gun could be helpful.
With a shortness of breath, Sam Beckett charges into Kara Thrace's bunk and sees a bunch of people playing hexagonal poker. For the first time, Sam Beckett realizes that even though everyone, including himself, was saying 'hexagonal poker,' he still heard 'horizontal poker.'
But wait, what's this, there is one player with his back to him. This man turns around. It can't be, but it looks just like...
"AL!" shouts Sam Beckett. "How did you get here?!"
"AL?" says the man, "I hate that name more than I hate the name 'John.' Call me Cavil. Better yet, call me Number One. Yes, that one, Number One."
Al backs away, clutching Ziggy to his chest.
"I didn't know, Sam, honest."
Number One takes the gun from Sam Beckett's pocket.
"I rather like indefinite camping," says Number One.
"Whatever!" shouts Sam Beckett. Last week this was a very common expression for Sam Beckett due to his time traveling. Here, however, in the futuristic bunk-bed room, it lost a little Umph.
Sam Beckett kung-fus the gun out of Number One's hand and tells everyone to calm down.
Fact is, Sam Beckett kind of likes all this space stuff. He decides not to kill Zack Adama and live in space. Cylons never come. The world is at peace. However, the Battlestar Museum goes without maintenance for too long and falls apart. At the demolition ceremony, where they push it off towards the sun for incineration, Sam Beckett as Zack Adama gives a touching speech ending with the cutting line, "well, it's not like it could have been avoided." Only Al totally gets this joke and it is his laughter which was the loudest.


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